February 13, 2020

Relay Introduces New Broadcast Feature


February 13, 2020

Relay is continuing to innovate as they have introduced a new feature for citizens to utilize. The broadcast feature now allows public safety officials to send out alerts to citizens about what is going on in their area. Alerts can vary from severe weather or road closures to safety hazards or criminal activity.

It is quick and easy to subscribe to Relay’s new broadcast feature. Download the app if you do not already have it and turn on notifications for ‘Broadcasts.’ Now any time an officer sends out a broadcast, you will be notified in real-time.

DJ Muller, who co-founded Relay, is the company’s CEO. “We couldn’t be more excited to introduce the new broadcast feature. We know that this will help both officers and citizens to stay up to date with the latest activity happening around them” says Muller.

This new feature comes just three weeks after the company officially launched out of the High Alpha portfolio on January 21st.

High Alpha was founded by local tech entrepreneurs and they partner with entrepreneurs to conceive, launch, and scale new businesses by providing expertise and securing funding.

About Relay
Relay is a community engagement platform to help connect first responders with the citizens they serve, creating a space for community protection to thrive. Relay’s products create easy avenues to help, report and communicate in real time, while putting privacy first. Send 1:1 communication for non-emergency incidents to your local law enforcement agency, and receive alerts from nearby officers about key activity happening around you. For more information and to download the Relay app you can visit relayapp.com. For brand assets and product photos you can visit The Relay Press Kit. (shorturl.at/huHQU)