Public safety is unlike any other industry, and amidst a global public safety emergency and long-overdue calls for cities to rethink what they ask of safety services, Relay has decided it’s time for a new chapter and has paused service.

This business has overcome huge barriers to entry and established relationships at levels and speed unheard of (as commented by the largest, most influential participants in the space), but our biggest reward is in creating a platform where thousands of people told us we helped them.

With removal from domestic abuse situations, to the safe return of missing children, calm alleviation of mental health crises by relevant personnel, to recovery after recovery of stolen property in hotels, apartments, and retail stores, and even the softer interactions that let first responders and the people they serve see each other better, you helped us push public safety forward while highlighting the innovators in the space.

This is the part where we'd suggest alternatives, but the best we can recommend is the non-emergency line for your local PD, or calling 311 if your area and cell phone provider support it.

If you're interested in helping us start our next chapter, email We hope Relay finds new life, but until then– thank you for believing in a safer future.